Tellabs has built a reputation for having the highest levels of integrity in every aspect of its business.

At Tellabs, ethics and integrity are core values and ethical decision-making is fundamental to our management philosophy. Our management and Board of Directors recognize their responsibility for fostering a strong ethical climate.

To this end, Tellabs has adopted a number of corporate governance policies and procedures designed to help ensure that Tellabs' business is conducted at the highest level of corporate conduct. Employee awareness of these business standards and objectives is achieved and reinforced through key written policy statements and training.
Audit and Ethics Committee - Charter (PDF)
Members:Michael Lavin - Chairperson
Frank Ianna
Vincent Kelly
Gregory Rossmann
Jan Suwinski
Compensation Committee - Charter (PDF)
Members:Jan Suwinski - Chairperson
Bo Hedfors
Michael Lavin
Stephanie Pace Marshall
Vincent Tobkin
Nominating and Governance Committee - Charter (PDF)
Members:Stephanie Pace Marshall - Chairperson
Bo Hedfors
Frank Ianna
Vincent Tobkin
Governance Documents
Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF)
Code of Ethics and Conduct (Tellabs Integrity Policy) (PDF)
Tellabs Ethics Hotline
Audit and Non-Audit Services Pre-Approval Policy (PDF)
Executive Officer Stock Ownership Guidelines (PDF)
Articles of Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation (PDF) - February 10, 1992
Restated Certificate of Incorporation (PDF) - June 24, 1992
Certificate of Correction (PDF) - March 24, 1993
Certificate of Amendment (PDF) - April 21, 1994
Certificate of Amendment (PDF) - May 3, 1995
Certificate of Amendment (PDF) - April 16, 1997
Certificate of Amendment (PDF) - April 19, 2000
Amended and Restated By-Laws (PDF) - July 24, 2007
Amended and Restated By-Laws (PDF) - February 13, 2008
Amended and Restated By-Laws (PDF) - January 29, 2009